Standing on the shoulders of a giant to make your enterprise IT a child’s play?
Happier and more effective co-workers with easy yet powerful Google tools at hand.

Powerful Google Cloud solutions
Streamline your enterprise communication through Gmail, Calendar and Hangouts.
Collaborate more effectively by using Docs, Sheets, Slides and even Sites.
Storage is a child’s play with Drive. In case you you have more advanced storage needs, have a look at what Google Cloud has to offer.
Use Google’s infrastructure to run large-scale projects or for development purposes.
Manage all Google apps for the entire enterprise through a user-friendly web interface. No manual needed.
Cloud platform provides the development building blocks so you can develop quickly.
Translucid Services
Google Apps
Gartner says it matters
Collaboration will be characterized by ubiquitous mobile devices offering instant access to contextually relevant information. This will happen in secure but highly interactive and intuitive social environments that can be set up quickly but can also operate on a global scale.
Gartner, agenda overview for social software and collaboration, 2013.