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Chromebase as a kiosk

Chromebase is the perfect device for an organisation. Users can compute on a friendly app based monitor and you never have to worry about your own files being deleted. Enjoy the ... Read more

Development of CMS on Google Cloud Platform to feed Digital Signage.

Digital Signage running on Chrome OS and Chromebooks.  As with everything in this digitally transforming world, signs are going digital. They do that for a while now. But it still ... Read more

Google for Nonprofits now supported in Benelux

Google has release its Google for Nonprofits program in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. With the help of TechSoup, a organisation that provides technology support to nonprofits. One of the ... Read more

Chromeworld 2015: Chrome report from the Brussels event

Chrome ... more than just a browser! On April 2 2015 Translucid co-organized Chromeworld in the Google offices in Brussels. As a Google partner, we were happy to organise this ... Read more

How we managed to halve turnaround time for agency briefing.

Any marketer knows the struggle of getting the briefing correctly to the agency. First there’s the internal collaboration. Second there’s the communication towards and with the creative agency. By ... Read more

Easily finish your work on another device

Monday morning, you arrive at the office and you notice you left your laptop at home because you had to finish that presentation over the weekend. In the old ... Read more

Around the world with Google Cloud

Big companies have offices all over the world. Google Cloud is a global network that has thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, uses advanced software-defined networking and has ... Read more

How Google Cloud simplifies mergers and acquisitions

IT implementations have always been a custom installation based on the needs of the company. When two companies meet during a merger or acquisition, a team of IT professionals ... Read more

How Google Protects your Data.

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