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Google Chrome is mostly known as an internet browser.  Some of the many advantages of Chrome browser are speed, security and its auto update feature. Next to the browser we have the devices. For example the Chromebook, a type of laptop that runs on Chrome OS. Besides Chrome browser you can’t install any other executable programs. This makes the Chrome devices extremely safe…

Everday Use

Chrome devices are new computers, designed for the way we work today. Always up to date with the latest features and security fixes, Chromebooks start fast and stay fast. Easily manage users, applications or devices with the Chrome management.


Transform Chrome Devices into dedicated single-use kiosks.


Get a complete video conference package with Chromebox for Meetings, choose your screen and connect the hardware with ease. Install and have a call within minutes.

Digital Signage

Assign any type of screens (with the right connector) and show off your digital advertising from one central point.

I want to discuss the opportunities Chrome brings to my business.